Our Services

Technical Services

Virtual Networx is a global software services partner for both established and early stage software product companies. We provide professional services with full lifecycle product engineering, independent testing, and sustained engineering services.

Our Focused Technology Services are :

  • Infrastructure Management Systems
  • Systems Support & Maintenance
  • Infrastructure Application Services
  • Storages (EMC, Hitachi, Netapp)
  • Virtualization (Vmware)
  • Business Intelligence
  • ERP & CRM Consulting Services

Consultancy Services

Resource Consulting Services

Virtual Networx delivers IT resource consulting services that meet real business needs of our clients. We deliver services covering the entire spectrum of talent acquisition and management space. Our modular and customizable solutions can be leveraged extensively by clients to address their key issues in the talent supply chain. Our commitment to constant innovation in streamlining and optimizing source processes to drive value for our customers remains our lasting differentiator.

We specialize in Enterprise Applications and Infrastructure Technologies; we believe in serving only very few clients to manage their human capital because we:

  • Value their time
  • Provide quality consultants
  • Simplify the way our business operates

Virtual Networx continues to innovate and build a viable resource delivery model for our clients. We started our operations in the year 2000 with just a handful of talented team members; now, we have achieved a growth rate of 60%. Right now, our sourcing team strength is more than 80 highly talented and well qualified team members. And, we continue to grow.

We understand technology trends and our focus changes with changing global scenarios' right now; our focus includes the following core competencies.

  • Systems / Storage / Virtualization
  • Business Intelligence
  • ERP & CRM

Virtual Networx has a proven process to identify the resources for a given requirement and subject them to a structured selection process. We add value to this process by evaluating the probable resources not only on technology prowess but also their attitudes, ability to adapt, reliability and critical soft skills including communication, working in a team and ability to learn and share

Virtual Networx undertake long term as well as short term consultancy services. We offer consulting in

  • Resource Consulting
  • Product development
  • Technology Support and Development
  • Product Management
  • Product Testing.
  • Technology Consulting.

Virtual Networx provides reliable and quality value added services to enable you to focus on your core aspects. Organizations have realized that business causes are effectively served if they focus on their core line of activity and business. All resources who meet these stringent standards are made available to the client for final selection. Virtual Networx wing also goes the extra mile to conduct orientation exercises and enables these resources to blend with the chosen organization and contribute in an effective and fast manner to the goals and needs. Our highly skilled technical teams provide technical insight, ability and guidance to strengthen your in-house capabilities and resources.Our On-Demand onsite staffing is backed by our 10 years of experience in the technical recruiting realm which also serves our own company's and our clients' needs. We take pride in having helped global software companies in fulfilling their consulting and recruiting needs.

Infrastructure Maintenance Services

Support and Solutions

Virtual Networx provides service for Technical Infrastructure Design and Management for various organizations which need support for workstation to enterprise servers. Our TID team can help with our strong reputation for being able to Design, support, deliver, install and configure for entry level to high-end networks, Databases, Security and Data Centre Designs etc.

We offer a broad range of project expertise with specializing in planning, designing, engineering, constructing, monitoring and maintaining Data Centers, Networks, Data Security, Data backup, Disaster Recovery and Storage Designs that integrate critical Infrastructure technologies.

We offer a range of services and specialize in the design and implementation of storage solutions that integrate with existing infrastructures to meet existing and future storage requirements. Our customers can choose from a wide range of solutions provides by us, which make it easy to manage the growth of their requirements.

We give a complete Backup and Recovery Optimization solutions that solves toughest backup and recovery challenges, so can the data safer and more available. We will provide and keep business with sophisticated business stability. Our Disaster Recovery solutions that keep the critical data safe, protected, and available. This includes storage technology options that enables to recover frequently used primary data almost instantly, replication capabilities that allow you to replicate data to other locations quickly and automatically, and proven backup and recovery solutions to keep all your data safe and protected.

Virtual Networx is a global software services partner for both established and early stage software product companies. We provide professional services with full lifecycle product engineering, independent testing, and sustained engineering services.

Virtual Networx services are primarily geared towards providing solutions for making businesses connect faster, better and wider. At Virtual Networx our emphasis is on understanding the business domain and needs before contemplating on a technology solution. Our business solutions are backed by a consulting approach that generates ideas evaluates business processes and helps our clients in formalizing an idea, application, or a process.

Virtual Networx offers its business solutions in the domains of business to business, business to consumer, content management, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning and business efficiency optimization consulting which include enhanced workflow, process streamlining et al. Virtual Networx business solutions address all the facets and activities that define a given business.